Payments for mat orders are required to be fully received prior to shipping.

The client is required to inform the date of payment and method of payment to be used:

  • Credit Card
  • E-transfer 
  • Bank Transfer (Wire)

If client decides to finance the purchase through a third party institution, our company must have received the full payment from that institution prior to confirming the shipment of the order.

No exceptions will apply for shipping of mat orders if payment is not received.

Mat orders are protected through our limited warranty as per the detailed information below:


  • Puzzle Mats
  • Home-Roll Out Mats
  • Hybrid Roll-Out Mats
  • Hybrid Wall Panels


  • Roll-Out Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • Smooth Surface Mats
  • Wall Mats
  • Crashmats

The amount of mats from a single order covered within our limited warranty is determined as per the years of usage as per below:

Year 1 - 75% coverage

Year 2 - 55% coverage

Year 3 - 35% coverage

Year 4 - 15% coverage

Year 5 - 5% coverage

The warranty covers any defect on the mat including any tears on the vinyl, the foam and the rubber sealing underneath the mat under regular use. Any defects due to extreme use or inappropriate handling/care of the mat will not be eligible for replacements. Small defections smaller than 1 inch (25mm) on Puzzle, Home Roll-Out, Roll-Out, Tatami and Smooth Surface Mats will not be considered as real damage, as they do not impact the performance of the mat.

Warranty starts on the day of order invoice. Example: Order #***** Invoice Date: 01-JAN-2021. Start of warranty is on 01-JAN-2021.

The mats are also insured during transportation and will be fully replaced if they arrive damaged. The client has 15 days to notify our company of any shipping damage after receiving the product. Failing to notify our company within 15 days will result in a perfect condition received mat. Mats that arrive damaged are to be fully returned to our warehouse and our company will arrange the transportation for its return at our own cost. 

Extended 10-year warranty available upon request. Additional monthly charges will apply. For any questions regarding payment terms and warranty on our mats, please contact our support team.