Ring Shield™ Shampoo and Body Wash

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Ring Shield™ Shampoo and Body Wash - 2 in 1

(250 ml bottle)

PROTECTIVE STRENGTH: 2 in 1 gel wash is a must for hygiene and protection against other skin infection-causing germs.

RESTORES THE SKIN’S NATURAL BARRIER: Pomegranate extract restores the skin's natural barrier by promoting the regeneration of your skin cells. Thus, has the ability to strengthen your skin and prevent the entry of contaminants.

SEBUM REGULATING ACTION: Pomegranate extract is enriched in vitamin C, thus provides ultimate hydration and helps regulate the production of sebum (that causes the oily sensation of the skin).

ADDRESSES ITCHY SCALP: 2 in 1 Wash is not just for your feet & body but is excellent for protection against dry, flaky scalps. The formula fits the scalp and skin alike with great cleaning properties and with a pH level of 5.5 that soothes the scalp and body perfectly. 

BEST FOR SMELLY FEET & BODY ODOR: Best for kicking out the worst of Foot & Body Odour. A guaranteed way to combat odour from over-active sweat glands in the groin and armpits, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. A must for athletes and for those who love the gym or sweat hard at work.

PROVIDES A SMOOTH, RICH CREAMY LUXURIOUS LATHER: The richness of the lather is essential because the rich lather penetrates the skin's pores more effectively. Ring Shield specially designed proprietary blends deliver these natural ingredients deep into the skin's pores with a high-quality yet deeply penetrating lather.

STAY PROTECTED AND KEEP TRAINING: 2 in 1 wash is highly recommended for daily hygiene after exercise. So, stay protected and keep training by bathing with our Ring shield 2 in 1 wash daily.

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